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Bandung Tourism – An Ultimate Guide for First-Timer Visitors

Do you want to enjoy Bandung tourism for the first time but not sure where to start? Well, with a lot of interesting places to visit, there will be many things you can do and see in the city. But, which one to visit first? And when?

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How to Reach Bandung

Bandung is a big city, so there will be plenty of transportation options you can use to get to the city. Bandung’s international airport, as well as the station, are connected to major cities in Indonesia. If you are visiting Java, just say, Jogjakarta, the most ideal public transportation you can take trains. Unless you are out the island, taking a train to enjoy Bandung tourism will be a perfect option. It is much cheaper if compared to planes. Additionally, the train services are excellent now and it is also convenient. As an alternative, you can take a bus. However, it will take a longer time to reach Bandung by using this public transportation. Getting to Bandung fro Jakarta by bus will take 2.5 hours while you need 12-14 hours to reach the city from Jogjakarta with the same transportation. Additionally, there will always be possibilities for you to be trapped in a traffic jam.

Where to Stay

Finding comfortable places to stay while in bandung tour package is not an issue. There will be a lot of hotels and guesthouses with the best deal that you can find there. You can even choose the best hotels based on the Bandung tourism options you want to take. For instance, if you want to shop both branded and local products, you can stay in a hotel around Riau Street or Dago Street. The two places are very popular as the city’s shopping centers. But, if you want to stay in a hotel which will bring you closer to Bandung’s natural attractions, you can pick up the one located in Lembang.

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When to Visit

So, what is the best time to visit Bandung? Well, just like any other regions in Indonesia, Bandung also has two seasons, rainy and dry seasons. June to September is the best time to visit the city since it enters the dry season. You will be able to enjoy a long sunny day every day in those months and the temperature is perfect. Keep in mind to plan Bandung tourism from October to May since the city is having a rainy season. Most of Bandung tourist attractions which are conducted outdoor will be closed during the season.